Urban Aboriginal Healthy Lifestyles Program (UAHLP)

Goal of the Program

The Urban Aboriginal Healthy Lifestyles Program (UAHLP) is designed to increase participation in sport, physical fitness and to provide nutrition and smoking prevention/cessation supports for healthier living amongst urban Aboriginal people.
The Urban Aboriginal Healthy Lifestyles Program offers benefits for the community as a whole; whilst focusing on four key target groups for specialized programming:


The objective is to work towards achieving the following desired health outcomes:

General Description

The intent of the UAHLP is to improve the health and well-being of the urban Aboriginal people, before they develop health issues, such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease. The program is community-based and activities should be available not only during the day, but into the evening and on weekends.

The UAHLP provides, at minimum, the following programs components:
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